Porsche future: The model schedule by 2015

The future of Porsche will be even more exciting: the sports car company plans to bring a new model on the market every year until 2015. And sometimes even two. While the company draw on more than 60-year-old history also their.
The new version of the Porsche 911, that his case will discard as type 991 at the IAA is the first to the model in the Zuffenhauseners campaign. In the lines, the Porsche icon remains largely true. The biggest change is the wheelbase, which grow to whopping 100 millimetres. This is more space in the rear and helps the consumption rating in the United States, which oriemtiert at the wheelbase. The new Porsche 911 convertible should be supplied in March 2012.
The direct-injection-Boxer engines with 3.4 - and 3, 8-litre engine get start stop systems and to consume more optimization for further improved performance up to 12 per cent less fuel.
Green light for the Porsche 918 Spyder of the Supervisory Board has been already end of July 2010. The launch of super sports car is the end of 2013. Thus, the company set a legitimate successor to the Carrera GT, which will be to have only in a small series of 918 vehicles at the unit price of 770.000 euro.
In the summer of 2012, the new version of Boxsters starts, early 2013 follows the new Cayman. For both models is a new four Boxer engine in the development, is expected to provide up to 365 HP of 2.5 L engine plus Turbo-charging.
Also the Panamera series will be expanded even further. 2012, one enters the wheelbase of extended version, which specifically is tailored to the Chinese market and only there to provide. Also, Panamera is to increase the diesel in the Porsche performance. This is expected to be a new spin-off of the v6 TDI by Audi, which is to make over 300 HP. Also the use of the V8 TDI is currently considering, which, however, requires more space in the bow. At the same time, the look of the four-door sedan is revised. The Panamera will in future leaner work and lose 150 lbs.
Only with the second generation of large Porsche, which debuts in 2015, additional body styles extend the offer. They were already intended to be the current model, are due to the high demand but on ice. Located in planning a coupe, a two-door convertible which derived, as well as a four shooting brake.
An additional all-terrain vehicles, quasi the little brother of Cayenne, will debut after 2013. The SUV guided under the working title of Cajun comes as fifth series and is manufactured in Leipzig. The Group brother Audi provides the technical platform Q5. Each year, Porsche is looking at sales of approximately 60,000 vehicles of new SUV. In addition to gasoline engines, there will be the Cajun with diesel. The starting price is expected to be around 40,000 euros.
And by 2015 a mid-engine is - in the style of the historic 356 Speedster - expected Roadster as an entry-level model. The internal development code for these exclusive cam car is for auto-motor and sport.de information PO374. "PO" stands for Porsche, 374 is the development code, the small Roadster is shared with its sister models at Audi (AU374) and Volkswagen (VW 374).